Elite Serum is an under eye serum that uses a blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients as well as cosmeceuticals. The popular eye serum has won numerous awards for it's distinct formula, and has worked well to get rid of puffy eyes, according to consumer reviews.

Miami, FL, October 09, 2009 -- When Elite Serum was finally done in the research & development stage, many people were impressed with it's concentration of laboratory-tested ingredients, called cosmeceuticals, as well as it's inclusion of some well-known antioxidant-rich ingredients. The eye serum was a huge success, as noted on various eye cream review websites and consumer-review driven forums.

An eye serum is used underneath the eyes on a daily basis to get rid of dark circles, eye bags, and even eye puffiness. When used properly, an eye serum can take years off one's perceived appearance, and users of the Elite Serum certainly can attest to this.

Elite Serum's launch was largely successful, and this has led the company to launch an entire line of anti aging products, including a wrinkle cream, under the Elite brand. Having 20+ years of experience in the health & wellness industry, the partners behind Elite Serum found a huge hole in the anti aging cream industry, where many companies were still using old school ingredients, such as aloe vera, as their marquee ingredients. Instead, the company looked to high-profile, difference-making ingredients in their formula, and added powerhouse ingredients such as Haloxyl, Argireline, and Eyeliss.

But the big surprise was the inclusion of resveratrol extract. No other company had made a product with resveratrol extract in an eye cream. As documented on many health programs, resveratrol is an anti aging super-ingredient. It's found primarily in red grapes, and subsequently, red wine.

Lastly, the other antioxidant in the formula is the acai berry extract. If you have an email account, you certainly have been bombarded for ads directed towards weight loss that included the acai berry. It's antioxidant value is second to none, and it's making it's rounds in skin care products, thanks to the discovery of this ingredient by Elite, who certainly pioneered this movement.

This never-seen-before formula has been among this years best-selling anti aging skin care products. If you take a look around the various authority blogs, as well as read eye cream review websites, you will constantly see Elite Serum being held in a high regard.

While there is no doubt the eye serum works to help people look younger, there is no doubt that the long-time customers will be excited to see the new line of products that are being released for sale sometime in October.

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