Being born in Bosnia, in the year of 1982, Sinisa Naric is a well-known Information Technologies industry manager who has successfully launched many technologies and systems. For those of you who do not know, IT (an abbreviation for information technology) represents the application of computers, as well as telecommunications equipment in order to store, retrieve or handle data. This term can also comprise of several fields, such as: computer networks, software, hardware, electronics, e-commerce or computer services.

What you ought to bear in mind is that Sinisa Naric has graduated from the University of Sarajevo (known as “Univerzitet u Sarajevu” in Bosnian), the capital city's first secular higher education institution that it highly spoken of and much appreciated not only by locals, but also foreigners. Sinisa has been a great student at this most prestigious and oldest university in Bosnia. This famous IT industry manager has been enrolled at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, yet has specialized in information technology shortly after graduation, due to the fact that the passion for communication and computers in general has been in the heart and mind of this gifted student for years.

Sinisa has managed to launch a lot of different technologies and systems and has struggled to make a name in the IT industry. What is more, you ought to bear in mind that he achieved a real success in the information technology banking industry. His hard work has finally paid off at the moment in which he has been granted an important award for his collaboration in the project for developing mobile phone apps, as well as Google Apps (including WorkStraight- Tools for Businesses, WebKOBIS ERP3, SEO SERP Workbench, Business Card Maker, Cryptocat or Viber).

Sinisa Naric has truly worked a lot in order to break the Information Technologies industry. He has never left aside his passion and determination, his perseverance or his good faith and he continued to perfect himself and to achieve success in absolutely everything that he does. Whenever Sinisa might have felt down, his biggest support system was his family. His sister and his cousins constantly showed him a lot of love and appreciation for everything that he did, encouraged him to stand up to what he believed in and to never back down even if the odds may seem against him. Therefore, Sinisa Naric claims that he has a lot of kind words to address to all his family members for all the love and support that they have provided him.

Sinisa has learned how to make it in the IT world and how to become an industry manager and successful innovator and creator of any different technologies and systems within the information technology banking industry. This young man can definitely be an example for all of us, due to the fact that he has managed to teach us a very important lesson, namely to never back down, never quit your dreams and constantly try to perfect yourself in order to achieve the highest level of success.