U.A.E. January 07, 2010 - There is more to the film Armored apart from $42 million being stolen. This movie is a combination of a good chase as well a great plan for a robbery. Armored is supposed to be a great movie for millions of UAE movie fans to watch this January, as it will be releasing on the 14th of this month, 2010 in UAE theaters. Win free movie tickets to the show at UAE‘s official movie site: http://www.armoredmovieme.com/ .

Kadir Ganim, a resident of Dubai (UAE) speaks out on this movie saying- I like action films but lengthy movies generally bore me out. The Armored trailer seems to be quite interesting to me. Since this is an 88 minute movie the plot wouldn‘t have been stretched at all. I‘m going to watch this movie purely for the chase.

It turns out that a few people from the same firm plan on stealing the money that was supposed to be safely loaded and transported via a truck. They also try their level best at staying together as a team unknown to others. They also decide to not harm anyone while the crime is in progress. Find out weather they succeed or not in spite of a full blown operation by watching the Armored movie trailer.

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