What if you were to discover that the life you are leading, is someone else’s idea of ‘the right way’ and you were given the gift of changing course, seeing what would happen if you chose a different path?

You would live life differently, says practical philosopher Mark Lewis, because, perhaps for the first time, you would understand that, you are no longer a puppet to your sub-conscious mind.

In his Amazon Kindle masterpiece, Health, Sex, Money and the Curse of the Comfort Zone: How to Achieve Balance and Joy Amid the Technology and Noise (Amazon Kindle) Lewis presents a chance to sit in with a group and their therapy sessions featuring ordinary men and women who crave more balance and success, but have the feeling that they have lost control and therefore lost faith in themself.

Nine individuals, of both sexes, through conversation and mental exploration, demonstrate how questioning, recognition, choice and inspiration can help them achieve success in the face of seemingly invisible barriers.

“You do not have to be locked into the ‘sins of the father’ so to speak,” says Lewis. “By having faith in yourself and your vision, you will be rewarded by making life changes and thus altering life outcomes.”

Recognition: Five Group Members Moments of Realization

1. Annie: “I set such unrealistic expectations there is no way I can ever be happy! I am setting standards that are impossible for others to meet, standards that I don’t adhere to myself.”
2. Henry: “I went about as if people owed me. I expected people to treat me a certain way, I expected people to do certain things for me and I expected different results. My expectations killed any ambition I had.”

3. Helena: “of all the situations I put myself in it was always the same feeling. If my finances were good along with work and my relationships I was anxious about my health. If my health, relationships and things at work were good I’d over extend myself and feel anxious about my finances.”

4. Michael: “I recognise that I live my life by chance and not by choice. I buy lottery tickets thinking I’ll get lucky. I hope and guess about my money circumstances instead of doing a budget every month.”

The group members were given the chance to understand and reshape their lives. For people stuck in unfulfilling jobs, buried in debt, facing personal hardships, or unlucky at love, this book and its inspired truths could be their second chance. It is an invaluable primer on how to succeed; but more than that, it’s a remarkable reminder of the beauty, success and power within us all.

“Make your base from the present onwards and accept that who you are and where you are at is beautiful and wondrous, but just a stop on your journey of personal growth: You are beautiful, you are successful, You Are Powerful!”
Mark Lewis

The Health, Sex, Money and the Curse of the Comfort Zone is available online or in Amazon Kindle Stores. Visit www.wealthylifethinking.com/book.htm
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