If you want to find some of the best brands of work boots, all you have to do is look right online - this is actually where I buy a lot of my work boots. Why? Well, first off, they are easy to find (no going to three or four stores) because most of these work boots sites online have literally thousands of work boots in ONE store. Major time saver. Second off, if you do a price comparison, a lot of the websites online that have these shoes are much cheaper than you can find in any offline store. Seriously, do a price check and you will see for yourself. Lastly, some of these stores online offer discounts and free shipping and handling AND they also have work boots that are licensed or authorized for specific occupations ie; Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighters, Postal Works, etc. Here below, are some of the top brands of work boots in the industry - buy these and you will find quality boots that are built to last!

- Bates: Bates Boots are now available on Work Boots Direct! Bates is well known for their expertise in making top quality boots and footwear for all uniformed services. Military boots, police boots, dress shoes, and oxfords, Bates Boots has got you covered! Bates offers boots for any job. Determined to get you through the day, and your tasks Bates boots are designed with you in mind. Bates boots are made to be reliable, durable, and functional. Offering differing toe types such as steel and composite, and using some of the latest waterproof, Electrical hazard protection, and tear resistant materials, Bates works for you!

- Magnum: Magnum has been dedicated to creating a top performing boot. Magnum boots started 15 years ago, and have continued to develop better technologies and designs for their boots. Using the latest in waterproof technology, anatomically correct designs, and optimizing traction soles, Magnum is leading the boot world in comfort, safety and technology. Knowing everyone needs their boots for varying uses, they have created choices for everyone from side zip boots, waterproof seals, composite toes, slip resistant leathers, to oil resistance materials. Magnum boots are known for their tactical boots allowing you to strike quickly, efficiently and covertly.

- Rocky: Rocky Boots is a well known and respected producer of military boots, police boots, hunting boots, and work boots. Since 1932 Rocky's quality has set the standard in the boot industry. Today, the Rocky S2V hot weather military boot sets the standard for modern combat boots and their work and police boots follow this example. ROCKY boots and Outdoor Gear is a world leader in rugged outdoor and occupational footwear. From tactical, to outdoors, to on the job Rocky Footwear will make sure you can get the job done. Designed with durability and reliability in mind Rocky Boots will hold up to whatever you can throw at them. Work Boots by Rocky combine innovation and functionality that will enable you to complete your job safely.

- Timberland Pro: Work Boots Direct is there for every working man and woman and offers only the best brands of work boots at the best prices. Timberland PRO work boots represent years of research and quality and they will protect your feet from some of the harshest job sites while keeping them comfortable and safe. No matter what the condition, it is likely that Timberland has the boots that have been built for your needs. You build America, and Timberland builds these boots so that you can get the job done right!

If you would like to know alot more particulars about Work Boots just take a look at the site of Work Boots.