If you are looking for a Cloud Infrastructure Provider, choose DwDrive. Serving clients across North America, Europe and Australasia, DwDrive has been a fast growing provider of products such as hosted desktop or online desktop solutions, hosted exchange services, hosted sharepoint, private cloud services, Cloud based data backup & storage and virtual private servers.


What exactly is a hosted desktop? It is a virtual machine hosting the operating system, applications and data of a physical desktop and it is also known as online desktop. The functionality and capabilities of such a hosted desktop are similar to those of a physical desktop. There are many advantages of using the virtual desktop services and now, you can benefit from them.


After concluding an arrangement with a data centre, the office productivity applications of the client are hosted on the server of the data centre. Thus, all the information that is usually stored by the business executives on their desktops is stored on the server of the data centre and it cannot be lost or stolen. In this way, if a hard drive is stolen, there will be no information on it that could be used by the competition.

The advantages of an online desktop are the following: it offers the same “traditional desktop” user experience, so it can be used by everybody; it enables remote working, so that you can access the information needed from anywhere, anytime; it reduces the IT costs by 40% or even more as you will only have to pay the fixed monthly subscription- no IT teams, no expensive software licenses or upgrades; it increases the security multifold as it uses a 256 Bit SSL based encrypted connection.


As a business owner, you would like to try out DwDrive’s suite of Cloud Computing products, but you are not sure if it will work for your business. So why don’t you try out the one-month trial and decide for yourself? You will benefit from the free installation and setup and you can cancel any time if it does not work as you imagined. In most product trials, you will find 2 hours of training so that you will know how to work with the product.


Check out the website from DwDrive and there you will find information about their products which are divided into four categories: Online Backup & Storage; Cloud Computing; Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Clients. If you have questions regarding any of the products of services offered, enter the FAQs section and you will probably find the answer there. However, if you cannot seem to find what you are looking for, feel free to contact the support staff. You can find the telephone numbers and the email address displayed on the website.


Would you like to benefit from having a hosted desktop for your business? If you have heard many good things about an online desktop, now it is the time to try it out and decide if it is the right thing for your business!