Swansea, Wales — The recent recession has turned a bright light on the business practices of financial institutions all around the world. In the United Kingdom the selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) because a common practice over the last decade. Unfortunately for consumers, many companies selling PPI did so without the intention of ever paying claims and have since become the subject of intense government scrutiny. We Claim U Gain is a service that seeks to reclaim lost benefits from fraudulently denied PPI claims.

PPI is supposed to work as insurance on a loan in case the borrower has sudden financial difficulties, such as the loss of a job. The PPI would cover the minimum monthly payment for a finite period until the borrower could find more solid financial footing. In the United Kingdom credit companies often packaged PPI with the loans they were giving out. The problem for consumers is that lenders denied the claims more often than they paid, leaving consumers paying for insurance they could never use.

We Claim U Gain provides a checklist of easy conditions to ascertain eligibility for a claim. For instance, if the borrower was unaware that PPI was optional or that PPI payments would have to be made even long after coverage expired, then the borrower might have a claim against the lender.

We Claim U Gain takes the cases on a policy of "No Win, No Fee". If the borrower is eligible for a claim and We Claim U Gain is unable to secure repayment of the PPI, then the borrower will not owe any payment. If repayment is made, We Claim U Gain's fee is capped at 30% of the compensation.

As a leader in the industry, and regulated by the government, We Claim U Gain actively seeks to maximize the repayment of PPI to borrowers in the United Kingdom.

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