VOIP service is also known as internet phone service, digital phone, or broadband phone. It is a means of making phone calls similar to the common procedure with the support of broadband with high speed internet connectivity in the place of a normal phone.


. Any number can be called with a VOIP, be it traditional phone line or VOIP phone.
. Analog Telephone Adaptor has to be used and it is the only piece of equipment you require to have for making a VOIP call.
. Highly easy for setting up and inexpensive to tackle also.
. No service charges or taxes are levied apart from a small amount per month.
. You can make unlimited long distance or local calls.


. International calls prove very inexpensive and calls between the VOIP users are free.
. It has the ability to protect all the calls with the help of standardized protocols.
. You will get services and features that a regular phone may not provide you or you may have to afford more for such services.
. You may also be able to call more than one person at the same time.
. You can use your computer when you are using the VOIP.
. You will be alerted when there is an incoming call for you.

How it works:

The voice of the caller is changed into a digital signal and it is again converted into a telephone signal with the support of the internet. You will be able to make calls in places such as airports or parks where you will be able to connect using the internet facility available there.


You need to have a broadband connection with high speed internet connection. A computer or a specialized phone is needed to make calls. You can also use a common phone to make calls. You can dial the number as you do generally and you may also get a dial tone from the service provider.

While some service providers provide you free services, they may charge you nominally for places in other areas. Long distance calls may also be charged by a few providers or you will be charged a flat rate for such calls. You can take the VOIP adapter when you travel to a place with high speed internet connection.

With the speedy developments in technology, VOIP proves very helpful and the expenses are drastically reduced. All that you need is a broadband connection and adapter. Make use of the facility and experience calling long distance at a very little cost!

Deepak Khanna

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