Djinn are among the most powerful of beings in the astral plane. Thus they rule as kings within the astral plane. Astral djinns rank very few in numbers so encountering even one in a lifetime can be considered impossible. Their pure magical might makes them virtually invincible as well as almost unstoppable. A single djinn, if let loose, could demolish a country within a night. Although they have a limitation in that they, like most beings in the astral plane, cannot leave that plane.

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Each djinn has an individual personality, thus you may find benevolent djinns along with malevolent djinns. Their ultimate power is related to their weaker cousins the genies, for they can grant any wish they desire. Unlike the genies, though, within the astral plane and elsewhere they can use their awesome power for their own selfish wishes
Djinn are white magic, black magic, chaos, alterations, time, transportation, elemental, illusion and to transmute.

The more powerful the djinn will be, more time and effort will be needed to control that being said it is also very important to understand that how djinn works in reality in contrast to in story book and movies.

Djinns are experts in different kinds of magic like white magic, black magic, and grey magic etc djinn very easily twist your words & in some cases unreliable. Djinn are mythological beings representing the natural elements. Those elements, naturally, are Earth, fire, water, and air.

We have different kind of Djinn rituals to summon and control Djinns.

These rituals are extremely powerful and should not be taken lightly.

Any one at the age of above 20 years can perform these riutals.

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