China; 07, April 2015: Chemicals are used for various purposes depending on the user. Laboratory, schools, colleges, research institutes, hospitals and many other establishments require chemicals. MOLBASE is a chemical search engine with highest levels of accuracy and fast access to updated database of eight million chemicals. It has already worked with more 20,000 global suppliers to offer more than 16 million chemicals. Real time product pricing and inventory update for professional buyers to purchase and inquiry is also available.

MOLBASE offers the opportunity to buyers to search for their choice of chemicals by CAS No. This registry number is usually assigned to any substance which enters the CAS registry database. Numbers are primarily assigned in sequential order to the unique and new substances. There is also information on chemical suppliers from A to Z who are based different parts of China. By using the platform of Molbase, suppliers can expand their market reach to a great extent to the potential buyers. Similarly, buyers can also save time and money on searching and buying chemicals for cutting down sourcing costs.

The buyers can send enquiries and place orders on a regular basis. There is a system which ensures a payment safety guarantee. These buyers get whole sourcing services and marketing feedback of generally purchasing products. The Contract Research Organisations can speed up their research and development procedure by providing access to numerous chemicals. There is easy reference to the prices, stock levels, certificates and product documents. This open platform provides the ability to access the new suppliers.

As much as 7500 biopharmaceutical companies’ and 17000 chemical companies are associated with MOLBASE. It serves to unlimited global enquiry and orders on a regular basis. It relies on objective and rigorous user evaluation to a certain extent. There is also a free online inventory system on place along with unlimited and free product uploads and display facilities. MOLBASE connects the vendor and buyers directly which is again a cost effective way for buyers and sellers to maximize their profit.

MOLBASE is a company which aims to provide a professional chemical resource search engine and a unified platform. This is for the procurement and synthesis of fine chemicals, APIs, reagents, biologics, substance drug, and reference to support research and innovation. It works for the customers to let them find the chemicals which they need in an easy way. It has introduced a great way for buyers to connect with suppliers without any hassle.


MOLBASE is dedicated to create the best possible free molecule information database cum ecommerce site to serve different sectors. It covers fields like chemical, pharmaceutical, outsourcing, custom synthesis, R&D industries and others. The China based company is already the country’s largest chemical database. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.

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