Hillsboro, Missouri; 12, October 2016: A company in Missouri is making the process of building a house a lot easier for busy clients. Building a new dream house can be a time-consuming challenge. There are plenty of different things to consider before the construction work even begins. The House Plan Shop understands this issue and is working to make things simple.

The company’s aim is to change the game for home builders and free up more of their time. Instead of spending endless hours scrolling through countless house plans, the process is quick and easy. The House Plan Shop does all the legwork for the client so they can move forward with the construction process as soon as possible.

It could be the best option for people who are looking to build a new home this year. Here’s why:

A Massive Catalogue Of House Plans

TheHousePlanShop.com knows that customers do not have time to look at numerous websites when selecting a plan for their new home. With their business model, clients won’t have to. Instead, they can find all the house plans in one place, on the company website. The catalog includes all the plans from top designers and every style imaginable so customers have a wide selection to choose from. The work THPS has completed for their customer’s doesn’t stop there.

Weeding Out Unpopular Designs

The aim of the company is to keep things simple for all clients. Instead of leaving all the designs in the searches, the company has noted which ones are not popular. They have removed these from the listing so that customers do not waste time scrolling through plans they would never choose. This makes the process of selecting a house plan streamlined and faster than ever before.

Leading Architects And Professional Designers

Quality is of the utmost importance to The House Plan company. That’s why they have made sure that their catalog of plans includes the work of leading architects across the country. All the house plans of professional designers can be found on their site. There are plenty of different styles to choose from too. Whether a client wants a beach home plan or a new colonial property, they will find the design from THPS.

Specific Search Requests

The company's site also provides customers with the optimum way to find their dream home. With a unique advanced search option, customers can search by number of rooms, style, and size. The business firmly believes that bigger is not always better. Customers who are looking for a smaller home plan can find exactly what they are looking for.

About The House Plan Shop:

THPS has been working in the housing industry for years. They want to ensure their customers find their dream home plan. They strive to make the process of building a new home as simple as possible from day one. They company aims to save time for their clients in the early days of planning so they can quickly move on to constructing the new home.

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