(Free Press Release) Fisher Capital Equipment Management Update- Machine Components Industry in China Problems and their causes - the machinery, basic parts - construction machinery industry. Avoid online internet scams; get latest updates on Fisher Capital Equipment Management website. As our country on the basis of pieces of machinery in Machinery Industry Awareness of the importance of late, long-term lack of investment, leading the entire industry based on poor, weak economic foundation and strength of the weak. In particular, as the host country rises the level of basic pieces of machinery behind the main bottleneck is becoming more apparent. In recent years, although the introduction of technology, technological innovation, scientific research and development, our country has given some support, but with the current level of market demand and overseas, there remains no small gap, in particular in: less product variety, low level quality of instability, early failure rate, and poor reliability.

China Machine Components product variety, small size, especially a big gap between high-end products can not meet the growing needs of the host. At present, various types of host based piece of performance indicators is roughly equivalent to the level of foreign 20th century 80s. Quality of instability, early failure rate, reliability is poor, the Achilles heel of basic items. Therefore, many OEMs to enhance the market competitiveness of its host, often choose to import the basis of supporting documents, resulting in domestic basic parts, especially the low-tech products, the domestic market share declined. Although China's exports of basic items has obvious advantages, but mainly labor-intensive products, the number of large, low-value, technology added value.

Present, China Machine Components Industry of the following main issues: First, redundant construction seriously, the low degree of specialization, not form scale, low economic efficiency, Machine Components, compared with the host enterprises to establish an initial financial and technical inputs required relatively few times in the national economic development period, have increased the number of basic parts manufacturer, also appeared along a large number of low-level duplicated construction, multi-point, volume is small, not form economies of scale. Basic pieces of business, while gradually independent of the OE, but most of the enterprise itself is large and, small but complete, low degree of specialization, the level of equipment is not high, the quality of instability, low economic efficiency. If China Bearing Annual output of three large enterprise sector bearing less than the sum of a well-known foreign companies 50%. The past two years, China built nearly one hundred Hydraulic Parts Plant, but the annual output of 300,000 or more only a few, the main product is Agricultural Machinery Matching. The company's annual output of Germany Rexroth hydraulic items 1.3 million, the Japanese oil research (strain) is also an annual output of 600,000 or more. Industrialized countries die of about 150 000 companies per capita output to 20 million, China's only 4 million to 50 thousand yuan. In recent years, with a variety of common development policies, the ownership, basic parts industry is experiencing increasingly focus from scattered to the intensive development process.

Fisher Capital Equipment Management Update- Machine Components Industry in China Problems and their causes - the machinery, basic parts - construction machinery industry Avoid online internet scams, get latest updates on Fisher Capital Equipment Management website.

Second, weak research and development, insufficient capital investment, technological progress is slow. Basic pieces of 70 different industries in the late 20th century, early 80s to early introduction of a number of foreign advanced technologies, but the lack of adequate absorption of the hardware and software investment. According to foreign experience, required for digestion and absorption of imported technology and capital ratio of approximately 1:7, and our understanding of this late, slow digestion and absorption steps. Technical strength of competition in the market is actually a contest. Have attached great importance to overseas, have increased investment, occupy high ground. Various well-known companies for research and development funds account for its Sell Amount of 4% to 5%, 10% in key areas. Although many institutions of higher learning in China at present engaged in research work, a lot of theoretical research, scientific research, patents, and papers have a very high level, but actual production is not tightly integrated, especially into commodities slow.

Third and related raw materials, backward technology, low level of technology and technological equipment the foundation of the development constraints.

Fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, molds and other steel products used by the poor quality specifications less direct impact on the quality of basic items, while the hydraulic pressure and hydraulic pressure castings and quality of products related to electronic control technology backward, but also directly affect the quality and reliability of hydraulic components. Mechanical parts are generally based on batch, mass production, but also more variety, high precision machining products, and therefore require high technology and equipment production, large investment. Foreign multi-use high efficiency and precision of the plane, line or soft line for efficient automated production. However, some basic pieces of our business by financial constraints input small businesses transform themselves poor, less advanced equipment not matching, affect product quality and quality.