The popular eToro forex news blog,, now expands its range of market news and expert analysis to include gold and silver trading, both commodities available for trading with the eToro platform.

Since its launch, the eToro forex blog has occupied itself with bringing traders the latest online forex market news, expert opinions on technical and fundamental indicators, and in depth articles all concerning foreign currencies. Now that the eToro platforms offers traders an opportunity to expand their portfolio by trading commodities such as gold and silver in addition to its standard range of currency pairs, the eToro forex blog has added a commodity news and analysis section to give traders who are used to trading exclusively in the forex market an idea or two about the commodities market and how this market works.

The new section will be run by eToro‘s financial experts specializing in commodity trading, and will feature reviews covering the price movements of gold and silver against the price of the USD. The section will also include trading ideas and general knowledge about the gold and silver markets that traders will find handy in shaping their way of looking at these markets. Together with the regular reviews and features discussing forex market movements, will enable traders to get an all-inclusive insight about how to manage their diverse portfolio in the near future.

For those yet unfamiliar with the commodities market, this is the best place to learn some basic facts about the origins of gold and silver trading and about recent market fluctuation which should help them decide whether or not they want to include commodities in their trading portfolios. Either way, the addition of this new section signifies the drive of to keep expanding its data archive and to keep bringing eToro traders, and forex traders in general, the most relevant information on the largest variety of topics.