Contact lenses have been accepted without second thoughts by people all over the world and they are here to stay. Leading brands all over the world are not just manufacturing contact lenses for medical purposes but also for aesthetic purposes. Feel Good Contacts is the online store where you can find almost every type of lens that is available in the industry today for customers to choose from. Extendable wear lenses, monthly disposable contact lenses, weekly disposable lenses and daily contact lenses are some of the lenses that can be bought from this online store. Of all the lenses available daily disposables such as Focus dailies and 1 day


Acuvue Moist are sold in large numbers at due to the perks they offer. It is not enough to just buy high quality contact lenses. Users also need to maintain them well if they want the lenses to last long and serve their purpose efficiently. The lenses must be stored in specific cases and rinsed with a good lens rinsing solution each time they are removed and kept back into the case. The right lens storage solution has to be used while storing the lens in the cases so they do not dry up. Improper care of reusable lenses can lead to deposits that can nullify their purpose and cause eye irritation. Chances of eye infection are also high if users were lenses that are not maintained well. Caring for the lenses takes up a lot of time that people today cannot set aside due to their busy schedules. Feel Good Contacts understands this aspect and stocks up a wide range of daily contact lenses such as the Daysoft Silk, Focus Dailies, Toric Dailies, 1 day Acuvue Moist and more for customers to choose from.


Daily contact lenses eliminate the possibility of the eye infection to a great extent. This is because they need not be stored after the end of each day. These are use and throw lenses that are ideal for one use only. 1 day Acuvue Moist and other daily disposables have to be directly removed from the pack and inserted into the eyes. At the end of the day or when you remove them before showering or entering the swimming pool, you will have to discard them.


Many people buy 1 day Acuvue Moist and other daily disposable contacts, but are unsure about how to use them. Here again, Feel Good Contacts is better than its counterparts since this online store provides a repository of information about contact lenses and their usage. All the information you will ever need about buying the right pair of lenses, inserting them correctly and removing them without any hassles can be found on this website. Many people who use contact lenses also apply makeup regularly. also carries tips about the proper use of daily contact lenses for people who apply makeup. All other information pertaining to the contact lenses can also be found on this website.



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