USA - The concept such as the durable equipment must be simple and crude has been old-fashioned. After all, if you want one smart phone such as the rugged phone can withstand the felling to the concrete pavement or into the water, you may also need mobile equipment which is able to effectively and efficiently perform the actual task in your daily life. As we all know, the development of the technology would make us achieve our goals and meet our needs.The new smart phone which name is Runbo X3 seems a very strong but it has been also equipped with the Android 4.0 system so it could also be capable of the actual operations such as receive mail, browse the Web, download the application and so on. In addition, the runbo X3 has been also equipped with the 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM.

The  wholesale rugged smartphone  which we also call it the waterproof smart phones and tough phone are the special one in the phone market. If you want to have more published information about this kind of smart phone, you could browse the website which is the waterpoof smatphone and best rugged smartphone manufacturers in china. From the technical specifications, the Runbo X3 is just a low-end Android phone. But as one kind of the tough phones which have the Dustproof and waterproof protection of IP67, it can still alive as it has been accidentally fell into the 3.2 feet of water.

The Another significant feature of Runbo X3 which is one kind of the waterpoof smart phone is its walkie-talkie antenna which allowing users to connect with another X3 device call along about 10 km. This is very useful for people who often run around in the wilderness with no cell phone signal.In addition to the Android 4.0 system, 1GHz dual-core A9 processor and 1GB of RAM, the Runbo X3 best rugged smart phone has also had the 800 million pixel rear camera and a 300,000 pixel front camera. In addition, the device had a 3.5-inch touch screen which resolution is 480*800 rates.

The X3  tough phones  has also supported the Dual SIM. In addition, there is a full QWERTY keyboard to facilitate the user who cannot comfortable type on the touch screen. The Runbo X3 has been priced at 349 dollars. As one kind of the basic models of Android phones, it seems a little bit higher. However, the machine quality is good enough and without binding contract, which for some people might be more attractive.

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