Beeti Taahi Bisaarade

Atul Malikram urges upon utilization of “Today” fully!

There are innumerable Hindi proverbs, containing different messages and “Beeti taahi bisaarade, Aage kee sudh ley” is one of them. The meaning of which is that forget what transpired in past, and take care of ahead, really a very difficult thing to do in practical life. To be a person of such standard, one will have to leave all the things and follow “Sanyaas Aashram” which could be adopted by a saint only. Forgetting past is the most difficult goal and if we can get rid off past, we are lucky.

 Some says” Do not think of past and future and live today because no one has seen  tomorrow”. This also seems true because if we are wasting our time for base less arguments , the valuable time available today will not come again. So why to wait any more, forget past- do not wait for tomorrow, do the things for which you are made.      


How to Forget the Past, Live in the Present and Not Think about the Future


If you spend too much of your time alone then sooner or later you'll start talking to yourself. Everyone does it and most of us know enough to not let it get the best of who we are. Talking to yourself or allowing the subconscious to control your every waking moments can become self-defeating. Whose life is it anyway? Your's or your subconscious?


What to do?

Allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings. You should try your best to know more about your surrounding putting impact upon your life which may include your family, home, office, friends relatives and more. Take in the awe of what man and nature has created. Taking time to smell the roses actually is pretty good advice.

Talk to yourself, but not in the same way you did when thinking about the past or trying to create the future. "Not today, Mr. Past. You're not going to ruin my day once again." Go ahead. Say it. Privately or aloud. Just say it until the words become as much a part of your morning wakeup as putting on a clean pair of socks.

Stop beating yourself up. Smile. Congratulate yourself for becoming aware of what's going on in your life and having made the decision to change or eliminate it. Walk on the sunny side of the street and quit judging others as if they're books on a shelf and the only way you'll read the book is if it has a nice cover.

If possible get off the meds and let friends and strangers nurse you back to good health. Let's face it. The past and future are only a heartbeat away - too close to measure. In fact so close it's easy to see how you can get squeezed from the present without knowing it. The only thing you can control is your present state of mind. Be there, in the moment, and soon you'll appreciate just how lucky others are to know you, in the same way you'll feel about them.

Atul Malikram PR 24x7 Network Limited says” Being human, we are emotional and sailing in the memories of past is part of our daily routine. Every one can not be a saint; however by involving ourselves in creative and constructive ways, we can come out of the magic world till we are busy today. We at PR 24x7 are working 24 hours and believe that a day of 24 hours is sufficient enough to make your day memorable.”


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