By incorporating automatic dimensioning into operations, transportation businesses can easily recover revenue, increase throughput and optimize productivity by streamlining processes. Those businesses must record dimensions, weight and ID, sort, load and deliver, all within tight timeframes and while maintaining great service to uphold customer trust. An automatic dimensioning system meets those challenges, all while reducing mis-sorts and maximizing capacity.

Often the extra revenue that results from charging by dimensional weight is sacrificed in order to get a shipment delivered on time. Conversely, manual measuring is time-consuming and prone to error. For optimum operational efficiency, automatic measuring is the best solution. Automatic measuring equipment provides better efficiency and an immediate return on investment.

Recover revenue
From the first day an automatic measuring system is installed, additional revenue is captured. In addition, the more automation in an operation, the less manual labor is needed, saving money and freeing up those resources for other important tasks.

Increase throughput
In fully-automated, high-volume processes, a barcode reading tunnel will read labels on up to six sides of a parcel ensuring maximum read rate and further speeding up processes

Customers expect deliveries within one to two days, leaving no room for inefficiency. Automatic measuring ensures that pallets and parcels do not stay in the terminal for long. In addition to revenue recovered on items that have been accurately weighed and dimensioned, better use of resources, increased throughput and improved customer trust will all have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Optimize productivity
A dynamic weighing, dimensioning and scanning system captures the dimensions, weight and ID of each parcel as it moves along the conveyor. The system can be integrated with sophisticated sorting and tracking software that instructs the sorter to send a parcel to a specific destination. A fully automated process ensures the highest possible throughput. In fully-automated, high-volume processes, a barcode reading tunnel will read labels on up to six sides of a parcel ensuring maximum read rate and further speeding up processes.

For the carrier company, whose objective is to deliver shipments to the right destination within the designated time frame, maximizing capacity while minimizing the number of mis-sorts is essential. An automatic weighing and dimensioning solution can be integrated with any sorting line and track-and-trace system to streamline processes.

This increased level of productivity in both static and dynamic applications extends to loading. Dimension, weight and identification data is instantly sent to the sorting line and the package is correctly sorted and ready to be loaded into the next vehicle. Furthermore, a focus on dimensions rather than weight encourages denser and better packing. Customers will be less likely to overfill or underfill boxes, making business run more smoothly for everyone involved.

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