Web Design Manchester is proving very successful in promoting their clients internet trading sites by offering the experience, expertise and drive to promote profitable trading.

The internet is one huge marketplace that is challenging the High Street for custom. The effect is that a successful website trader can invest all his capital in their stock in trade and on the website advertising and trade with the world from anywhere. They do not have to maintain high rent premises on the high Street if they do not wish to. EBay, as we all know, does exceptionally well for its traders and for its customers providing a level of guarantee so that purchasers can be assured that they will get what they pay for.

On top of this successful independent Internet traders manage to turn over a fortune, with a high profit margin. But this does not happen by chance. Becoming successful at this does take a lot of work and the successful companies have websites that are easy to find, professionally presented and have effective sales pages.

There are many rules to follow with the website and success or failure depends to a great extent on how closely one can follow these rules. The rules however are not written down but are well known to the professionals at Manchester Web Design. The better the adherence to the guidelines the better the chances are that the website will succeed where others competing in the same niche will fail.

Here are some of the guidelines used by website design Manchester.

Firstly the site must look professional. If one thinks about it one is not likely to be relaxed about purchasing from a shabby site where the products are presented badly. Make the landing page clear and concise but attractive. Also ensure that the items are easy to find. It has been shown that on average a visitor will click through a webpage in under 10 seconds if they do not immediately find what they are looking for. Make sure that your stock in trade is boldly and clearly displayed and well described.

The better the photographs used the more likely the product is to sell (If it is a hard product) Photos should be free of shadows against a clear white background. If you are offering a service the headlines of the service should likewise be highlighted in a bold clear and easy to read script.

Embedding videos is often very successful but if you do you are advised to ensure that the client clicks on your video to view. Many clients get angry and click out of a site immediately if a video or audio presentation automatically starts.

The next golden rule is attracting the search engines. Manchester web design will do the level best to see that your site is search engine friendly and obtains a good page ranking.

There are many more guidelines to follow which may make the difference between a profitable and active site, or one that ranks page 10 on the search engines and gets few hits. Always use a professional web design outfit to assure you of the best chance.

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