United States citizen and former native of Haiti Gatien Georges launches new global social network site created after the 2010 earthquake disaster.

Miami, FL, Sept 22, 2016 —The launch of QuakBox.com aims to connect people with current events as a social media platform keeping family and friends informed. Free to the international public, the purpose of the site enables communities to get real time news and info right at their fingertips, alleviating stress from the unknown.

Georges own experience played the catalyst to launching such a project. “When the earthquake disaster happened, I was unable to reach my family and friends. The local news and places such as CNN weren’t covering much, leaving insecurities and without a way to further understand what was happening”. This prompted George to take action by creating a place where people could log on and get updated newsfeed directly from their hometowns and countries.

While Facebook and Twitter does offer similar features, the QuakBox site takes that innovation a step further by allowing the user the ability to tailor the site to geographical area more specifically. “So far, the site has been well received. The users are responding well, since finding their home towns is much easier.” What they hope to achieve is to have a place for people to get the information they need, when they need it and to stay in direct communication with their communities.

The sites official launch date was April 1st, 2016.

About the QuakBox
Quakbox is a social news site created by South Floridian entrepreneur and founder Gatien Georges. The site offers 27 different languages offering insight to world news and real time events for any culture. Unlike other social channels, the innovative technology this social site delivers creates a more intimate connection to bridge countries from around the globe with one local spot accessed by any mobile device or computer.

visit www.quakbox.com

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Phone: tel:561.901.0115

September 22, 2016
Gatien Georges
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