High quality hiking shorts has three factors in common: They breathe well, dry out rapidly, and are highly effective at resisting moisture. It's greatly recommended for would-be hikers to avoid exposing their skin to extreme amounts of moisture, as it can cause chafing, which eventually leads to skin irritation as well as skin breakdown. Hiking Shorts aren't as critically important in comparison to other kinds of hiking products or clothing like hiking footwear, however being aware of the following facts would spare you the trouble of needing to cure your skin with minimal supplies on hand after you happen to be very far away from home or the comforts of modern civilization as you know it.

Below are some key things you should keep in mind while looking for the best hiking shorts:

-They should fit loosely enough to allow room for your legs to move around easily even when you're traversing over fallen logs and rocks, but they shouldn't be so loose that you feel as if you're dressed in an outfit stitched out of trash bags.

-The waistband fit on an excellent pair of backpacking shorts should be tight enough so that you aren't required to pull your shorts up every couple of minutes, particularly if you're planning on carrying a backpack along.

-The pockets on an excellent pair of shorts would contain enough storage area for things such as your wallet, camera, tissues, dry food items, etc so that you don't have to rummage through your backpack each half-hour or so whenever you have to grab something. Remember that you'll need to make sure that said pockets are zippered so you don't inadvertently end up losing anything crucial.

For a good pair of men's hiking shorts, the Men's Paramount Cargo Hiking Shorts, courtesy of North Face, provides many different nifty features like side pockets with Velcro closures, a gusseted crotch space for ample movement, rapid drying material, double stitching, and 30 UPF sun protection to top it all off. Patagonia even offers shorts which come with a gusseted crotch for facilitated movement, a flexible drawstring waist that makes for a comfortable fit, security pockets with generous room for valuables, and are made out of quick-dry nylon textile for additional protection.

Nevertheless, should you be seeking a real slick pair of hiking shorts with mesh liner, then the K?hl Renegade shorts from Rei will give you that extra edge if you're searching for something durable and strong which could handle whatever nature dishes out at it. Features include an UPF ranking of 50 , front hand pockets, a side pocket for cell phones, 2 rip-and-stick pockets on the rear end for your valuables, zippered K?hlair vents which allow ample airflow for optimal comfort and ventilation, a gusseted crotch for unconstrained range of motion, double-needle bar tacks for optimal reinforcement of crucial points, and a comfortable fit which easily accommodates an individual's fitness build.

For those of you seeking extra safety or padding for greater comfort as well as a more fashionable look, then a good pair of sailing hiking shorts with abrasion-resistant textile and contoured padding may be just what you're searching for. For instance, the Gill Impact Shorts includes flat lock construction to minimize chafing, gripper elastic on the legs to keep a secure fit and also prevent water from leaking, an elastic waist build with a drawstring, and also airprene neoprene on the seat for rapid drainage as well as highly ventilated comfort.

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