Guangzhou, P. R. China; 01 February, 2014: ZWCAD is a popular software that architecture and design professionals use extensively to create architectural drawings for their various types of project needs. ZWSOFT releases advanced level software from time to time with an objective of empowering professionals with the creative and functional excellence. Moreover, the company believes in offering knowledge and guidance that can enhance a user’s skill sets to use their software with a greater level of proficiency. They now reveal How to Use the CAD Software to Complete cad program for the benefit of users who want to achieve an advanced level of expertise in using the software to create architectural drawings.

The practical guide proves very useful for all those who want to learn to use the software step by step. The guidebook comprises 17 typical cases which have been included to motivate learners to pay attention to the details of the drawings and can develop an advanced level of understanding about the software. The spokesperson of the company maintains that the knowledge and guidance they offer always proves very helpful in increasing the efficiency of the architects and other professionals. They extend their help guiding users in creating drawings and help them distribute on the web and through other channels.

For example, they guide to convert drawings into the Design Web Format (DWF). The DWF files are compressed and small in size so that one can easily share and distribute these files through various mediums. ZWSOFT provides the CAD viewer to view the compressed DWF files. The DWF Viewer that they provide is smaller in size and thus opens files in a flash, increasing the speed and efficiency of working on an architectural project. One can also use the DWF Viewer app to view compressed drawings on various mobile devices.

One can opt for their free DWG viewer download to quickly install it onto their computer system and view compressed CAD drawings without any hassles. For downloading the DWF viewer, one may visit the website


ZWCAD Software Co. Ltd is one of the world-renowned providers of CAM/CAD solutions. It handles a clientele of 320,000 operating in about 80 countries. It is a well reputed, reliable and committed provider of CAM/CAD software to both MCAD and AEC industries. ZWSOFT has been successful in creating designs of products related to software and these have been capable of consistently satisfying both 3D and 2D needs.

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