United States; 12, February 2015: With a new line of designer lighting solutions, ZORA LIGHTING endeavors to create elegantly looking modern homes. They have different types of products that can meet the home interior needs of the built space of the modern times. All lighting products have been designed astonishingly to enhance the aesthetic value of a building. The spokesperson of the company maintains that a larger number of designers, architects and others are procuring products from them to give a meaning to the beauty and décor of their building projects.

ZORA LIGHTING has brought a serge mouille collection that comprises of desk lamp and floor lamps for people to decorate their homes. These lamps are available with one-arm, two-arm and three-arm designs and can be used for enhancing the beauty of a home. The spokesperson reveals that the spider ceiling lamp could be a fantastic piece to be used as a home décor element. The lamp simply draws the attention of the onlookers. All lamp models are durable with their aluminum material and can last longer to keep enhancing the beauty of a built space.

They also have lampe gras, available in different models. One can place these lamps on tables or can be used as a hanging model. People can choose from the Lampe Model 203, Lampe Model 205, Lampe Model 210, and other models. These lamps are often considered as a classic home décor element that helps create a traditional style in homes where these are installed. ZORA LIGHTING is offering a complete collection of these lamps at cost-effective prices.

People who are looking for a cost-effective but the unusual lighting solution would appreciate the serge mouille replica available with them. The three-arm ceiling lamp with aluminum adjustable shades presents a spectacular aura for the lavish lighting of any space. The replica features the original design of Serge Mouille, but is available at a great price for modern consumers to beautify their homes. ZORA LIGHTING has a beautiful range of unique lighting products for modern homes at amazing prices. One can check the entire collection on their website http://www.zoralighting.com

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ZORA LIGHTING is a professional online store for distributing high quality contemporary lighting, modern lighting and designer lighting. All the lighting products they present online are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, ensuring the unique design for modern homes. They endeavor to provide the leading quality products in the market.

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