Zodiac Power Ring NOW launches Rashi Power Rings in Ashtadhatu

(A synergy of metal energy, based on Ancient & Modern Astrology that enhances Willpower, Concentration, Confidence & Positivity!!!)


Mumbai: After the monumental success of Zodiac Power Rings, made of ‘Punchadhatu’ that catered to the Sun signs of an individual, the company has now launched “Rashi Power Rings in Ashtadhatu” to be worn by an individual based on his Hindu Rashi ( Moon sign in his natal chart) to promote calmness from all the planets & bring about positive changes in his life.


Ayurveda has since ancient times included metals in medicine, while the Ancient Indian texts are testimony to the powerful effects of various metals on the human body. As per Vedic Indian Astrological view, the combination of 8 different metals in ‘Ashtadhatu’ helps reduce the adverse effects of various planets as the pure alloy of eight metals corresponds to all the nine planets in a natal chart of the individual. Hence, its combined use helps protect the person from negative influences of various planets as it fulfills the corresponding lacking metal energy in the body.


“Rashi Power Rings in Ashtadhatu”, hence helps enhance willpower, concentration, confidence & positivity in an individual. Each metal that is used in the “Rashi Power Rings” has a subtle influence on the corresponding planet thus promoting overall wellbeing, success, productivity and prosperity for the wearer.


The  Rashi Power Rings can be worn as per Hindu Rashi  ( Moon sign in the individual’s  natal chart)  to help enhance physical well being as well as to add positive vibes in every situation.


The   “ Rashi Power Rings made in Ashtadhatu” is priced at Rs. 4500/- only and is available at all leading Jewellery Stores across the country.


As an add-on guarantee, if the consumer is not satisfied with the product, within15 days of the purchase they can get a refund of 80% on the bill amount from the company.



The Rashi Power Rings are brought to the end consumer by Zodiac Jewels Pvt. Ltd, a sister concern of Vanity Goldthat brought the elegantly designed and effective Zodiac Power Rings to the masses that have also been used by many celebrities to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. The company has a few international awards to its credit in 1999 and 2001 for its Zodiac Power Rings.




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