Shenzhen, China; 20, July 2016: For best quality PCB assembly and PCB design and with the quickest delivery and best prices, ZhongFeng Electronics Company has emerged as a preferred destination for worldwide big or small companies. They offer PCB assembly, layout and certificate service for a small sample to large volumes in a few hours delivery time, allowing companies to quickly initiate their electronics manufacturing project. At the same time, they maintain an affordable price for their PCB assembly or manufacturing services for even a small company to get the prototype for their product innovation.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they purchase all BOM parts from standard supply chain despite they maintain an affordable price. With their low cost China PCB manufacture, the company promotes innovation and new product development. They can manufacture PCB in up to 36 layers with improved quality and IPC 2/3 compliance. The company can handle any small or large volume of PCB samples and can deliver them within four hours delivery time for clients that need prototypes on an emergency basis.

The company is a cheap China PCB manufacture that specializes in the mass production of prototypes with a fast production process and at a reduced cost. The PCB manufacturing service includes standard PCB, HDI, metal core PCB, FPC, flex-rigid PCB and high-frequency PCB. All PCBs are tested before delivery and they supply PCBs with ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, CE and RoHS Certification.

The spokesperson reveals that they aim at delivering the best quality products at the best prices. As a trustworthy and affordable PCB Assembly China Company, they have well-equipped PCB assembly line with automatic machines and professional engineers to accomplish the PCB design, assembly or manufacturing task in a professional and the quickest possible manner. With their own 3800sqm SMT workshop, they specialize in manufacturing prototypes at a reduced cost. To know more about their PCB assembly or electronics manufacturing service, one can visit the website

About Shenzhen ZhongFeng Electronics Co. Ltd.:

Shenzhen ZhongFeng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a China-based high-quality PCB manufacture, PCB assembly, components sourcing and electronic design services supplier. Since established in 2003, the company has helped thousands of engineers, purchasers and electronic hobbyists in developing and manufacturing their innovative products in Industrial Control, Automotive Electronics, New Energy, Communications Equipment, Security Electronics, Medical Equipment and other high-tech fields.

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