Zhejiang, China (Mainland) December 19, 2013: Water is very important for a plant’s healthy growth and now China based company, YUYAO Bluebird introduces a range of functionally efficient watering and irrigation tools for people to water their plants to help promote their optimum growth. Amongst the different watering equipment, their newly introduced Water Coil Hose is becoming very popular because of their functional and durable features. One can use different kinds of nozzles with these hosepipes for watering different plants. Besides, the pipe is easier to carry from one place to another and can be stored in a small space. It can recoil like a spring and never tangles or kinks.

According to the company spokesperson, the new tools have been designed after analyzing the modern day needs of the gardeners, farmers and others. These tools not only offer convenience to the users but they help save water as well. For example, they have introduced garden water hose nozzle sets and one can use the nozzles as per the watering needs of the plants. For different plants and their watering needs, one can choose a suitable nozzle. This makes sure that there is no wastage of water and plants get the desired amount of water. The spokesperson says, “Water is precious but our equipment is highly affordable which help in water conservation.”

The company focuses on green garden and farming tools that suit the environment. Moreover, one can choose from different colors and designs according to their garden or lawn. Their new Plastic Farm Irrigation Sprinkler is available in different colors and one can select from a customized color code. These farm sprinklers are light in weight and easier to carry from one place to another. These have been designed according to the farming needs of different kinds of plants and vegetation and can be very effective in irrigation of large farm areas. To get an idea about their different kinds of watering and irrigation systems, one may visit their website http://www.gardener-tool.com .

About YUYAO Bluebird Garden Tools:

Established in 2008, Yuyao Bluebird Garden Tool Co., Ltd today has a large product line to offer to the worldwide wholesalers and dealers of garden tools. Their product line includes garden hose nozzle, garden water sprinkler, garden hose, garden hose reel, water hose accessory, garden sprayer, watering can, outdoor bibcock, water timer, garden shear, garden saw, garden hand tool set and other garden accessories. 100% product is exported to across the world and the company has a very high reputation among the wholesalers, dealers as well as the end-users.

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