YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, July 18, 2016 — Entrepreneurs all over the world are fed up with being stressed out and worn out! They are ready to rekindle lost youth and vitality and prosper in all walks of their lives. The principles in Young Mind Young Body: Transformational Approach to Rejuvenating Youth and Vitality can benefit anyone who is ready to claim the life they are meant to live, rise above their circumstances, and assert their magnificence.

All too often people who want more out of life are unconsciously driven to seek life’s meaning and purpose. In the process, they are burdened by loads of stresses as they chase after superficial things. Their body, face, mind and heart show aging.

This inner state of being can be reflected in outward bodily symptoms such as body weight. Instead of identifying the real cause of the weight gain, most people go looking for magic pills, chasing diet after diet, as well as any shortcuts, including prescription medicine.

In Young Mind Young Body: Transformational Approach to Rejuvenating Youth and Vitality, Sue Ziang explains that life does not need to be a struggle. Ziang has experienced firsthand how a subtle mindset and lifestyle shift and a change in food choices can transform lives from daily struggling to effortless grace, from overwhelm to ease, from fear to fearless, from overweight to a naturally healthy ideal body weight and much more.

“Sue intertwines her rich personal experiences with her life’s learning... Ignite your own healing through personal awareness with Sue guiding you back toward vitality, inside and out. You too may experience ‘gratitude attacks’ and regain your timeless youth no matter what the clock says.” ~ Pauline Kehoe, Self-Awareness and Transformation Healer, Five Element Acupuncture, M.Ac, L.Ac, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Human Design Analyst

Sue Ziang is a transformation YOUNG MIND YOUNG BODY Health Coach, passionately assisting stressed-out entrepreneurs who are fed up feeling tired and who really want to have their best natural, organic energy so they can do the things they want to do.

Sue Ziang is available for interviews.

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