The residents of Monmouthshire have endured the dire consequences of rampaging floods for quite some time now. Though the local authorities and other organizations of goodwill have been hard at work, trying to put proper Flood Protection Monmouthshire in place; more needs to be done by residents in order to alleviate the devastating aftermath of flooding. One way that residents can do this is by ensuring that they involve competent Flood Mitigation Monmouthshire companies in their building plans.


Recently, the local authorities of the Monmouthshire CountyCouncil completed a massive flood alleviation scheme that could only mean drier time in the near future for the residents of Monmouthshire. The £1.8 million scheme was aimed at protecting property around the area of Wonastow Road and Drybridge Street, which have been prone to floods, severally in recent years, due to heavy rainfall. There have always been extensive disruptions whenever winter storms made the banks of Rivers Wye and Wonastow to burst, resulting in the submersion of Drybridge Street, Wonastow Road and Rockfield Road. This made normal life for the residents impossible.


The project involved building of a pumping station that comes in handy to pump water out of the Drybridge community pond, any time river Monnow’s levels blocked Wonastow Brook’s outfall. In collaboration with Flood Mitigation Monmouthshire experts, the scheme also covered making of upgrades to the already existing watercourse, as well as home protection systems for a number of individual houses that were initially unprotected by the scheme. A number of private properties benefited from the protection measures.


This move has definitely improved the quality of life for several residents who have been at risk due to frequent flooding. However, still more needs to be done to protect individual homes through Flood Protection Monmouthshire measures. It is only advisable that individual home owners put such protection measures in place whenever they are putting up new buildings in their homes or in any of their properties, so as to augment the County Council’s efforts to mitigate effects of flooding in the town.


It is also good to note that the local authorities will not be able to take care of all individual homes, when it come to flood prevention. The people also have a responsibility to ensure that whenever they are building their homes or making extensions, they should  seize the opportunity to call in experts to put flood mitigation measures in their homes. This way, all the people in Monmouthshirewill soon be safe of any devastation caused by flush floods; or at least the devastation following the aftermath of flooding will be alleviated.


If you have any flood threats in your home, you need to get in touch with the best Flood Protection Monmouthshire company for thorough flood protection. You might also need the services of a Flood Mitigation Monmouthshire if you live in a flood prone area.