26, November 2014: Do you want a trip to the Caribbean or an iPhone 6 and don’t have the money to pay for it? From the same creators of the Harmony Universal Remote Control, Clickfree Automatic Backup, and Kooboodle Cloud Service, a new app has just launched for your Apple and Android devices that makes it super easy to trade your old stuff for awesome new stuff! 

The free app is called Swapmommy, but don’t let the name scare you; it’s all about trading old stuff for better stuff like a trip to the Caribbean or an iPhone 6, all already posted by users! The app features seamless, anonymous browsing of posts for items people want and items that people have. By having both wants and haves, it makes it easy to facilitate fast and interesting trades. Once users agree on a trade, they arrange a local meeting to swap their items. 

Adding items is free, simple and fast. Users just take a photo within the app, and that’s it. Unlike other classified ad sites that require multiple fields of information to be entered, all of that is optional in Swapmommy. Since users know what others have and want, relevant offers can be proposed and received. 

Bryan McLeod, CEO, said, “Not everyone has a lot of disposable cash, but everyone has lots of stuff. Stuff that may or may not be useful to them. And that’s the stuff we want to maximize for people. We wanted to give people an easy way to trade that stuff for better stuff.” 

The new app is completely free to use. Registration is not required to browse items; instead, registration is only required when users would like to add items to their own “WANTS” and “HAVES” lists. Through the trading platform, making an offer or counteroffer is easy. Offers can even be topped with cash. Users can make and receive unlimited offers, and there is no obligation to use the service. Users are ultimately responsible for facilitating exchanges of agreed upon items. 

Another feature is the ability to connect with close family and friends. Swapmommy gives users the opportunity to really understand what close friends and family want or have for a special occasion or when they want to borrow something. McLeod said, “I hear this, and ask this myself, several times a year ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ or ‘what do you want for your birthday?’. Now with Swapmommy, there’s no more guessing. I connect with my family and friends and I can see exactly what each wants, and they can see exactly what I want.” 

Swapmommy offers a simple-to-navigate interface that includes comprehensive notifications regarding offers made, offers received, friend requests, and trading history. A really interesting feature of the app is the ability to see who added your stuff to their want list. McLeod said “If you know someone is interested in something you have, you can take a look to see what they have that you might be interested in trading for. It’s all about simplifying the age-old bartering process.” 

With easy browsing, a fun collecting feature, and a safe trading platform, Swapmommy offers a user-friendly experience for anyone who wants to trade virtually anything. 

Swapmommy is currently available in the Google and Apple stores for phones and tablets. More information can be found at www.swapmommy.com 

About the Company: 

Swapmommy is owned and operated by Storage Appliance Corporation, makers of the award-winning Clickfree external hard drives and backup software, and the newly launched cloud service, Kooboodle. Innovation is the hallmark of Storage Appliance Corporation — continually adding value in product and services with an emphasis on creating great user experiences. Swapmommy is the easiest way to trade stuff for better stuff. Kooboodle is a photo-centric online storage site that facilitates simple yet advanced automated features for the sharing, exchanging and collection of photos. With Kooboodle you get the photos you’ve always wanted from friends and family, securely and privately. 

For more information, please visit www.swapmommy.com