Yeh Hai Aashiqui relays the tale of an unfinishedlove story

~ bindass’ show brings a story about a young couple in love whose life takes an unfortunate turn after an unexpected incident ~


Love does not always happen at first sight. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time for feelings to mature into true love. Such was the case with Rishi and Trisha. Both ace students at a top engineering college, Rishi and Trisha started out as rivals but slowly the rivalry turned into friendship which then gave way to true love.


They soon became a couple and experienced together the various firsts of being in love. One day, when Rishi and Trisha were together at Trisha’s house, due to some reason, her parents were detained and were unable to return home. That day, Rishi and Trisha came physically close to each other. They relationship surpassed all the boundaries, however this only made their relationship stronger, until one day when she discovered that she was pregnant.Scared out of their wits, they soon took to two opposing views about the pregnancy. While Rishi wanted to get rid of it, Trisha wished to have the baby. They were in dire straits until one day when Rishi, in front of all his friends, confessed the truth and declared his undying love for Trisha while promising that he would always be with her and the baby.


However, love isn’t always as easy as it looks like, due to some unfortunate decisions taken against Rishi and Trisha’s will. As fate would have it, Trisha was taken to another city and Rishi was unaware of anything. It has been three years now and Rishi has no clue about Trisha or the baby’s whereabouts. But his love lives on and he is certain that he will find her some day and their love story would be complete.


Watch this touching love story, on ‘YehHaiAashiqui’, this Sunday,22nd December, 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!


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