Hotel with only women employees- a dream Indore’s Yasmeen Shaikh wants to make a reality

Yes you read it right! We all know the contenders on the most famous culinary show MasterChef Kitchen ke Superstar on STAR PLUS are striving hard to accomplish their future endeavors. They are facing tough challenges but are determined to outshine their competitors.

So far the journey of cooking and learning from the ‘Masters in the Kitchen’- Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Vikas khanna & Chef Kunal Kapoor has been delightful for all the contenders.


It was about time to ask all the top contenders what were their plans on winning the coveted ‘MasterChef’ title? A few of them were quick to reply and we gaged that most of them either wanted to open cooking institute or a restaurant. However,a top 12 contestant and a forerunner for the winning spot, Indore’s very own Yasmeen Sheikh has a bit of a twist in her future endeavor.


Yes, Yasmeen wants to fulfill her wish of opening a hotel and employ only women. When asked her the reason why only women employee, she said “Being a women I have faced a lot of problems since my childhood and I can relate to various issues that women face. Through this dream at least I can help them earn their daily bread and they will also be empowered to be financially independent and would be able to take care of their basic needs.”


What a marvelous ambition. We hope Yasmeen can achieve this dream soon!


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