China, 26/06/2013: When it comes to industrial equipment and other essential materials which are required for more accurate machines and stability, it is only the trusted manufacturers who should be relied upon. With the vastness of the manufacturing industry across the world and the different manufacturing processes followed in different corners of the world, the materials and machineries differ from one place to the other. Xingli is a company which has been around for 2 decades now and have been consistently catering to the industrial requirements.

The company indulges in the manufacture of metal machinery and metalforming machinery. It caters to both the local as well as the international markets. Some of the major regions where the products of the company are exported to include North America, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Mid East, Africa. Over the years the company has been clocking sales between US$50 to 100 million each year. Comprising of about 150 employees that includes the lower level as well as the higher level staffs, the company exports approximately 65% of its produce to the global markets. Moreover, when it comes to quality, people would be delighted to know that the company has procured the quality Certificates for CE, ISO9001, ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008.

Some of the major products which the company manufactures include the shearing machines such as the popular Hydraulic guillotine shear machine, press brakes like the popular Hydraulic press brake-bending machine, plate rolls such as the angle roller, etc. All machines are compliant with the European quality standards which make it more conducive for the company to do business globally. The company also follows a dedicated form of operations where they have special teams for the management, technical operations, sales, services, etc. The basic platform which the company has based their principle of operations is to manufacture products which are of international standards.

Some of the elements which provide the company with a competitive advantage includes the large pool of talented employees, its 36,000m2 non0dust workshop, experience of over 2 decades, over 10 dealers in United States of America, and being just a couple of hours from the Shanghai Port. Based in Jiangsu, the company has been expanding over the years and increasing its workload capacities each year. It plans to operate in newer markets and offer world class products based on specific needs. As stated by the company it believes that quality and good backup for customer service has been the key for their popularity and success across the world.

About Xingli:


Xingli is a company which is located in Jiangsu in China. It operates across the globe and manufactures sheet metal machinery and metalforming machinery. China Shearing machine is their official website where people can check out the range of products they have on offer.