Imagine a writing workshop - creative juices flowing in a peaceful atmosphere, wind blowing in your face, in the serene Italian hills. What more can one asks for? Another beautiful scenario could be the same setting only with an iota of difference-practicing yoga, taking pleasure in the flora and fauna, and sipping on local wine. Isn‘t it being like in heaven?

This beautiful description of an awe-inspiring valley where like minded people meet could be your reality. You can join the two-week wellness retreat at Casa Della Pace. The highlights of this charming manor include a renovated stone church converted into a yoga studio and a sumptuous line-up of vegetarian dishes prepared with utmost care.

The writing retreat will take the artistic minds on an odyssey of topics like haiku and the poetry of attention and energized scenes and short prose. Discover your inner self with self-development, personal assessment, and goal writing lessons. Paint your thoughts in landscape and still life painting classes or explore the nuances of descriptive writing from direct observation. Learn the ropes of tantra hatha yoga and breathing exercises during the yoga classes.

The attendees are welcome to attend as many workshops as they feel or use up idle moments to work on personal projects. This writing and yoga retreat will be far more exciting when you think of it as a celebration of life. You are guaranteed to take home the gifts of inner happiness, satisfaction, and motivation. You will feel a renewed sense of confidence after attending this workshop.

The Attendees And The Trainers Will Follow The Following Itinerary In This In This Creative Writing Residency.

• The attendees will maintain a journal of haiku, creative writing, and personal reflection. The trainer, Stephen Lloyd Webber, will help you record your experience in Italy and the achievements that you made here in this journal. This would be the first step of the writing workshop.
• The second step would be yoga and breathing work. The attendees will accomplish this with help of their teacher, Jade Webber, who will help you heal with fitness and wellness activities. Earlier attendees are a testimony that they have experienced blissfulness and inner glow after attending this session.
• Another beautiful part of the workshop is the painting and drawing session with Jade. Italian panorama is a painter‘s delight. For tips and advice on painting, Jade is always ready to help with his one-on-one sessions through group instruction.

Play an instrumental part in your well-being by attending this wellness and writing workshop. However, make a quick decision as only twelve seats are remaining. In fact, the sooner you apply the better. The total cost for early birds is only about 1800 US dollars which is inclusive of boarding and lodging and bus transfers from and to Rome airport. However, you need to apply before August 1, 2010 to avail this offer. What is more, four scholarships of 600 Euros each are available. The last date for submission of applications is September 1, 2010.

Join the writing workshop and the wellness haven and be a part of all the fun and serenity. For more information visit the given link.

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Las Cruces, NM 88004
Phone: 290 763-8759