inBoundio based in Bagladore has created a white label inbound marketing software that makes its first appearance on the world stage.

Called inBoundio PRO, the software allows business owners to create their own marketing products on their domain without any need for advanced programming knowledge. The practical applications of the software are several-fold, as are the uses and types of client who can make use of it:

The developers describe the software as a powerful new tool with which users can create their own marketing products and solutions; host it on own domains; customize products to suit specific needs and create own plans. What makes the software different from the many other marketing solutions available on the market is its ability to be hosted on end users’ domains with customization, therefore being more than an SaaS solution.

The company behind white label inbound marketing software, also known as inBoundio, say that clients will be able to host the full code on their domain and customize features such as logo, name and design. Clients can do all this through the admin panel, with full support available; they can create their own plans, landing page, email template, and use local languages.

Asked about who can make use of white label inbound marketing software, the developers say “Who can use it? Firstly, marketers looking to launch their own marketing products; also, marketing agencies and PR firms needing a platform to manage their users, offer their services; marketing coaches wanting a system to manage their users, as well as offer their coaching programs can certainly benefit from the software.

“Inbound marketing service providers who want more customization and features to tightly couple their software with their other products, including their inbound marketing services, can benefit. Definitely, for internet entrepreneurs and small businesses interested in starting an online business aimed at local businesses, inBoundioPRO will be an excellent option, because
all they’ll have to focus on is finding users. Finally, marketers, or anyone wanting to reach only specific niche verticals like legal, medical, or manufacturing will enjoy using the software... customize the software to target just their niche segments.”

For a limited time, inBoundio is offering free installation of the white label inbound marketing software and a discounted price. Readers wishing to learn more can visit:

For immediate release, contact: