Shandong Province, China; 15, July 2016: The safety of workers is a matter of prime concern in several risk prone industries, such as construction, mining, iron rolling and others. In these industries, the labor force does manual work and needs to wear safety gloves to keep their hands protected from any kind of injury. China based Huanyu Larbor Production Company is engaged in the design and manufacture of safety gloves that ensure the best safety of the workforce, working in the risk prone industries.

According to the spokesperson of the work gloves manufacturer, they focus on the quality of the products that can ensure safety of the workers. They continuously work on the design of the gloves to make them more protective and safer for workers. For example, they have gloves up to elbow length that can provide protection to the complete arms of a worker. They have different types of gloves that are designed keeping the safety of workers in concern engaged in different industries.

Among different types of safety gloves, the company supplies latex coated gloves, available in different designs and with different features. The range includes fully latex dipped work gloves, polyester latex coated work gloves, orange rubber coated gloves and other products. These gloves are fully coated on the palm and their backs, and provide an all-round protection for a worker’s hand. The gloves with their crinkle surface offer a superior grip, allowing a worker to hold any object without a risk of an accidental drop and injury.

The company also specializes in producing cut resistant gloves that are designed to protect workers’ hands from the risk of cuts and bruises while working. The gloves have their important application in welding, drilling, casting and other industries. Besides offering durability and comfort, these gloves can protect one’s hands from sharp objects while working. These are the best cut proof gloves for workers to wear without being worried about the safety of their hands. To know more about the types of work gloves the company supplies, one can visit the website

About Gaomi Huanyu Larbor Production Co. LTD:

Huanyu is a work gloves manufacturer in China, specialized in producing all sorts of coated gloves, including latex coated work gloves, nitrile coated work gloves and PVC cold-proof gloves that are used in special working environment. The factory was established in 1998 and they offer incomparable advantages in gloves price and quality. As a work gloves manufacturer, they can supply work gloves to customers, so as to decrease intermediate links and reduce customers` purchasing cost. At the same time, they adopt a strict management in the whole process of gloves manufacture, from the purchasing of material to production and packing, and then supplying stable quality products for customers.

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