People love their pets, and if you search work from home ideas there is a real potential for a home based business.  Too often a pet can become a real burden.  Many vet offices are open normal business hours, so a vet visit means time off of work.  Taking a pet for a bath or regular grooming session is even harder.

The current economy has many looking for different ways to make or supplement income.  One such way is a mobile pet grooming service.  Certification is available to those who would seek it.

“The certification will allow a higher degree of credibility for the business, so it may be something to consider once the business is underway,” said Sandy McQueen of

Reaching pet owners through advertising is simple.  Word of mouth, flyers and getting permission from vets to post flyers of amenities are great ways to encourage others to use your services.

Some initial investment will be necessary.  Transportation, normally a large van, is required as are clippers, bathing materials, hair dryers and the like.  Vans also have ties for leashes and securing the animals during the bathing process.

“Being able to tie the animals off during the bath is important.  Expressing the anal glands, a necessary part of the bathing experience, is easier when the animal is still,” said McQueen.

Tying in items like brushes, hair bows and the like are a great way in improve sales and bottom lines.  These inexpensive items can have excellent profit potential.  Learn more about what she has to say here .

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