20, May 2016: What Is A Sash Window?

A sash window is simply a window with one or two sashes which is slid vertically to create an opening. These types of windows can be found on all kinds of different properties, from older properties to brand new properties. When a property is purchased with sash windows as the original windows, it is commonplace to keep them and maintain them as the years go on. Sash windows add character to a property and can even add value if they are restored to a high standard. Once sash windows have been replaced with a different kind of window, some of the value and originality from a property is lost. Sash windows can be reinstalled, but it isn’t usually as high value as having the originals in place.


Pembroke and Nash focus on the repair, renovation and replacement of wooden sliding box sash windows in Brighton. All areas of Sussex and Surrey are covered. With a rating of 10/10 from customers, they are proud of their growing reputation in the industry. Here are some of the benefits they offer to customers:

* 2016 offers available for a limited time.
* Satisfactory Checkatrade reviews.
* Trustmark Status.
* Free advice and quotations with no obligation.

When it comes to repairing and replicating sash windows and doors, finding a company that does the job properly can be difficult. Used by developers and homeowners, Pembroke and Nash are known for their quality and expertise. A draught proof sash windows service can even be offered to customers, which is useful for Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian properties.

Traditional Sash windows look good but can be difficult to maintain, especially if they are old. This company have renovated Sash windows that date back to the 1600s, and they are still going strong today. The majority of these windows are Victorian, which means they need to be cared for by somebody with experience.

Some homeowners aren’t lucky enough to have original Sash windows, but designs can be replicated to look identical to traditional models. They will also incorporate the latest in double glazing technology. They look the part, but function well too. The windows are handmade and built exactly the customer’s specification. Free quotations are available on request.

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