A wood fired hot tub is a tub that works basically the same as an electric or gas-powered hot tub. The main difference between wooden hot tubs and electric or gas hot tubs is that instead of being powered by electricity or natural gas fuel, hot tubs made of wood have their watered heated by wood. So not only are these wooden tubs made of wood, like their name suggests, but they are also powered by burning wood. Wood is a very good heat conductor, this is why it does not take too long for the hot tub to become warm and then pretty hot, after the wood is lit.


The first advantage of using a wood fired hot tub has a social meaning. Usually, wooden hot tubs are placed outdoors and can be used even in winter, if you love strong sensations. However, their use is recommended in the summertime, or every time when you want to spend some quality time with your family or friends, and when the outside air temperature does not keep you from taking your clothes off and jumping into an exterior hot tub. Instead of riding the bicycle in a park, along with your partner, children or friends, try the relaxing atmosphere created by the immersion into this home spa. You do not have to be rich to benefit of the advantages experienced by those who regularly visit a health center or a spa; you can have your personal spa in your very own backyard.


Taking a bath in a hot tub made of wood and also powered by wood can be achieved at any moment during the day or night, but we recommend you to perform this activity two or three hours before going to sleep. Doctors say that immersing your body into hot water for several minutes two-three hours before you go to bed is very good for your nervous system. By doing so, the body is helped to enter the state of deep sleep much easier. So do not spend money on sleep pills anymore and just take a bath in a wooden hot tub some time before going to sleep. Take care to adjust the water temperature to an acceptable level; if you suffer from heart problems, you may want to take your bath with the water a little cooler.


Hot water is great because it helps individuals eliminate some of the bacteria and mites that are always present on the surface of our body. But did you know that hot water is good for some health issues too? For example, it can help the elderly with blood circulation, it can generate a relaxing effect on muscles and joints, and it can actually decrease blood sugar levels within patients suffering from diabetes. Hot water is used in all sorts of hydrotherapies; these therapies, in their turn, can be associated with others, such as aromatherapy, massage or crystal healing. All of these are meant to eradicate stress and help the individual reduce or eliminate some of his health issues. And if these therapies are practised while the individual is in a wooden hot tub, surrounded by nature, the effect is multiplied.



Wooden hot tubs offer a large number of benefits for people who need to relax, socialize with their family or friends in a great environment, or who suffer from various health issues. For wood fired hot tub solutions, we invite you to visit Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc’s website and learn more about this old method of washing used by people, that is now taken to a high new level by this company.