Great Value SG’s New Battery-Operated Fly Swatter Earns a ‘Number One Hot New Release’ Badge from Amazon Just One Week after Its Soft Launch

NEW YORK — Great Value SG, an emerging leader in eco-friendly home accessories and lifestyle products, announced today the official launch of the Wonder Zap electric bug zapper. Debuting at the height of summer, the electric fly swatter offers a unique solution for pest control, and is especially ideal for households seeking a non-toxic, chemical-free way to terminate mosquitoes and other bugs.

The Wonder Zap electric fly swatter is a battery-operated device in the shape of a tennis racquet that kills mosquitoes, flies, wasps, spiders and cockroaches by discharging up to 3000 volts. The high-voltage electric shock wave kills bugs instantly, and unlike chemical-based bug sprays, is safe for children and pets.

The electric fly swatter features an ergonomic design with a streamlined handle and an extra large swatter mesh to increase the hit rate. It includes a bright energy-efficient LED light positioned at a 30-degree angle to help locate mosquitoes in the dark. It also includes a safety mechanism allowing users to lock the power switch into the off position to prevent the swatter from being accidentally activated.

Although newly launched, the innovative fly swatter has already earned nearly two dozen five-star reviews on, as well as a “number one hot new release” badge on Prime Day.

“We have the common problem of flies getting inside, especially during the summer,” said Staze Craze, an Amazon reviewer. “Crickets also occasionally find their way inside and we all know how annoying they can be. This bug zapper works great for both. The zap is strong enough to eliminate the bugs with a single zap. This was an issue that I've had with lower quality zappers in the past. Zappers are so much easier to use than traditional fly swatters since all you need to do is touch the bug while it’s activated instead of needing to swat or smash it. I highly recommend this item as it seems like it's made to last.”

Mike Poll stated that the Wonder Zap electric fly swatter is a “great product” and that it has a “sturdy frame for swatting flies.” Jamal Watkins noted that the Wonder Zap swatter is the “best product for your money” and that it “works like a charm.” Additionally, because he loves it, he plans on buying it again.

The Wonder Zap electric fly swatter is available via for a special introductory price of $25.99. Stock are limited. More information, including product photos and additional specifications, is available on the product page.

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