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Several people are using various treatments, creams and doing habits to make sure that they keep a nice-looking skin when in front of people. There are also others who take skin care for granted and just do not give any effort on skin care

The pH level is related to having a great skin. Few people know this fact, but how?

According to an article posted on the website version of the magazine Women’s Health, the health of the skin and the body has been directly connected into maintaining the right levels of the acidity and the alkalinity of the skin.

The article was able to get insights from Dr. Patricia Wexler, a dermatologist from New York, who reportedly stated that the barrier of the skin is also the acid mantle. She said that this is responsible for keeping fats and moisture in check while blocking the spread of toxins, dirt, and bacteria that can damage the skin.

She noted in the report that this so-called "acid mantle" should be at a pH level of 5.5, which means they should be a little acidic. A skin barrier that is too alkaline can dry out the skin and can let it be prone to eczema, a skin disorder. Some inflammation, such as wrinkles and collagen destruction, can also occur.

Women’s Health also noted a study conducted in 2010 that showed how the skin of women with an alkaline outermost layer was seen prone to fine lines and sun damage, compared to those with a slightly acidic skin.

Achieving the 5.5 pH ideal level for the skin sounds difficult, and this is true. But there are solutions provided for women, such as checking over the diet intake and changing their beauty routine.

There is one product in the market that can make women monitor pH levels of substances that they intake, such as coffee, water, juices and other substances like their own saliva. HealthyWiser, a reputable brand in the industry of personal health and wellness, introduces the pH test strips which are professional grade paper strips that can provide better pH testing for substances in the most accurate way than the commonly used litmus paper.

Several customers were satisfied on using the product.

“This is my first experience with pH Test Strips. They are easy to use and appear to work well so I've given the product itself five stars,” one Amazon customer wrote in the review.
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