Penang, Malaysia — now announces the launch of a new GSM alarm system that does away with the technicality to provide a simple-to-install and simple-to-use alarm system. The GSM alarm system by is a better solution for alarm installers that are often asked for simple alarm systems at affordable costs. There are places like vacant buildings, rented houses, holiday homes, apartments, farms, cottages, warehouses, parking areas and other such places that require a basic alarm to report of any mis-happening. However, these places do not require a full set of alarm panel for the limited use.

The GSM alarm from in this respect comes as the most practical alarm for installers. This system can be installed with minimum requirements of sensors with one for the door, a vibration sensor and two PIR sensors. This is in stark contrast to the full alarm panel that has sensors for eight zones, making the cost of the alarm system too high. The GSM alarm from is a simple alarm that has 3 input and 3 output points which are directly connected to different sensors for different areas. The basic alarm can be connected to the telephone allowing quick calling and that too cost effectively.

The low cost alarm from is highly convenient for individuals like travelers and students that live in rented accommodations. Such individuals require a simple and basic alarm panel, the requirements of which are fulfilled by the GSM alarm by

Alarm installers recommending the alarms can benefit by increasing their profit margins due to the higher sales volumes. Therefore, the GSM alarm is beneficial for the customers as well as the installers.

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