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New Delhi :  Have you ever wondered about the reason for occurrence of the unusual weather on earth? Why is earth getting such strange weather patterns lately? What can cause the sky to seem to rain blood? What causes the colourful and eerie Northern Lights? Discovery Science reveals the facts behind these natural occurrences, in its new series STRANGEST WEATHER ON EARTH.


The intriguing series unveils the science behind the most riveting meteorological wonders from blazing tornadoes of fire that spiral into the sky, balls of lightning that bounce along the sidewalk, bizarre clouds that spark UFO panic to a wall of dust that engulfs an entire city. The 12-part series will premiere on week days at 9:00 PM. on Discovery Science.


Discovery Science explores the intense world of the weirdest weather on Earth in STRANGEST WEATHER ON EARTH. The series features eyewitnesses and ordinary people who explain their ordeals when they were caught up in these dramatic events. The experts associated with the series explain the science behind the bizarre phenomenon.


Each episode features fascinating demonstrations and explanations as to what causes all of these strange occurrences like 70-foot-tall swirling tower of flames in Scotland, blinding dust storms, alien clouds, snow in the hottest desert on earth, elephant-sized lumps of ice falling from the sky, rainbows seen at night and a thunderstorm that makes mysterious ball lightning.


Discovery Science programming offers an extensive array of life changing scientific discoveries and researches. The new awe-inspiring series will captivate viewers on weekdays at 9 PM only on Discovery Science.


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