Hyderabad, India; 19, July 2016: An Indian Teacher Education Company, under the leadership of a bright and dynamic visionary, has launched a crusade to drive the growth of the rural India by educating the masses living in the villages in the country. The company aims at investing in unique technologies that can help in the proliferation of education and digital literacy in the rural areas of the country that generally lacks electricity sources and other resources.

EDIMPACT has launched two important programs: SMSlearn program to deliver educational courses onto the mobile devices of the rural masses through SMS, and Distribution of Solar Powered Android Tablets to promote digital literacy in areas that are deprived of electricity. These programs are currently launched in Bihar and jharkhand states of the country on a pilot project basis and later will be extended in other parts of this vast nation as well. SMSlearn program is being run in association with Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) in interior rural villages of Jharkhand and Bihar in India.

Explaining the concept, the CEO of EDIMPACT, Mr. Sanwill Srivastava, states that in these rural areas there is no internet connectivity, but mobile phones have a penetration of about 70% and these mobile phones can be effectively used for education. He further explains that content has been created in modules of 160 characters (1 SMS) and is stored on the cloud server, which is sent to the user mobile at preset times automatically by the application. The user has to send the answers to a predefined number, which is connected to the cloud server and the progress is stored on the server and based on a user’s progress, further modules are sent to his/her mobile.

The program already has more than 3700 registered users, which is growing significantly on a daily basis. Currently English speaking and simple Math courses are being delivered through the program and they are planning to include more courses in the future. Mr. Srivastava reveals that in future the company plans to deliver the program using OUTERNET technology, once they get the clearance from authorities.

The company is also endeavoring to create a Digital Revolution to hit the Rural India with their Solar Powered Android Tablets. The Rural India that is deprived of electricity and internet connectivity is soon going to experience a Digital Revolution that does not require electricity and conventional internet connectivity. The concept uses a solar powered android tablet with a solar powered OUTERNET satellite receiver. These tablets will be given free to 100 teachers across the states of Jharkhand and Bihar to spread education and digital literacy in the rural areas.

The concept has already been showcased through a pilot study in Jharkhand and Bihar and has been welcomed overwhelmingly. The concept has been appreciated by USA based investors and technology partners. The first round of technical presentations have been successful and the technical team of EDIMPACT will be trained at Wisconsin based training center for 6 weeks from Sep 2016.

The Founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Srivastava, said that he was very happy with the fact that his idea has been recognized at a global platform and thanked the partners for their support. He said he will recruit the best minds from India that can bring a Revolution in Digital India. He said he also has a revenue model up his sleeve.

For further details about both the programs, one can visit the website http://www.edimpact.com.


EDIMPACT is a teacher education company in India, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telengana. The company devises unique learning programs that use the latest technology. The objective of the company is to make education accessible to all, by delivering knowledge in a simple and affordable manner. The company is running its projects in several states in India, including Bihar and Jharkhand.

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