We are please to announce our new integration with Mailchimp, making it super easy for WisePops customers to boost visitors sign-ups and set up automated welcome emails in just one click, and without any coding!

How does it work?

All you have to do is activate our new Mailchimp sync option by entering your Mailchimp login details, then select the list you want to sync your pop-up with, and that’s it!

What do customers say?

“I actively use the wisepops integration on our website http://sociavise.co.uk and it works perfectly! E-mail addresses are collected and my mailchimp subscriber list is automatically updated with out any interaction.It also is very easy to create the ‘wisepop’ and only takes a few lines of code copy and pasted into your website to get going.” Jamie

“I get to grow my email list, and my customers don’t have to see a pop up every single time they visit my site. I’ve only had my pop up active for about a week, but I’ve already aquired 100+ emails! Well worth the $6 a month fee for the direct MailChimp integration and no Wisepops branding.” Liz

What’s next?

Our roadmap is full, so stay tuned as we will keep improving WisePops to provide you with the best Pop-Up Builder.

About WisePops:

WisePops is a very easy tool to create and display great email sign-up lightbox (or pop-ups) on any website, without coding. Yet simple, it is also a powerful tool enabling users to optimize conversions by setting up display scenarios such as “display to new visitors coming from Facebook, 20seconds after landing”. WisePops displays more than 500’000 pop-ups per month, and is growing exponentially. Our site: www.wisepops.com