05, August 2016: Wisdek Corp. is proud to announce that they have been awarded Google Premier Partner status. This marks an upgrade from their previous status as a Google Partner and is in recognition of the Wisdek team consistently executing Google advertising campaigns for our clients to the highest possible standard.

"We are excited about the new status, being awarded Premier Partner status by Google," said Wisdek CEO, Vadim Kirichenko. "With this status, our clients can be assured that their advertising needs are in good hands, and our techniques are endorsed by Google."

As Wisdek has been a Google Partner for some time, they have always had a great relationship with the search giant. Now that Wisdek is a Premier Google Partner we are able to take advantage of an even stronger partnership with the number one search and digital advertising platform. As a Google Premier Partner, Wisdek is able to enjoy the following benefits and help their clients meet goals with greater ease and style.

Priority Support by Google

As a Premier Google Partner, Wisdek will now have priority phone and email support for any issues related to AdWords accounts. This allows us to execute complex changes to campaigns and tap into some of the more advanced methods used to identify and target consumers. With this direct line to Google's best and brightest, our clients can be certain that they get the very best in class when it comes to digital advertising.


Google's team will be providing comprehensive training on Google's AdWords products and solutions to help businesses grow. This not only allows us to remain on the top of our game, it makes sure that we can keep our clients ahead of the competition. We will be invited to use new products and services before they are available to lower tier providers.

More Visibility

Premier partners will be more visible in Google Partner Search when businesses are looking for AdWords certified professionals. To qualify for this prestigious status as a Google Premier Partner Wisdek was required to plan, develop and maintain many successful digital advertising campaigns. The Wisdek team have demonstrated that they can apply their expert Google AdWords knowledge to a wide variety of companies and industry needs. With a great many Google certifications and many years of experience with the varied platforms and techniques available through Google, Wisdek has managed significant investments to produce results that have impressed and inspired our clients over and over again.

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