Berlin, Germany — Berlin based IT solutions provider Winter Solutions now introduces their first commercial bootstrap theme for Ruby on Rails developers.

They have named this theme as Gem and claims that it is clean, business oriented and minimalistic, which is helpful for developers and saves a lot of time. “We have just released our first commercial bootstrap theme for Ruby on Rails and we assure that developers will be delighted to use this as it will help them save a lot of time. Moreover, it is minimalistic, clean and business oriented, says the owner of Winter Solutions.

He also revealed that Gem is based on the popular {re}start theme that depends on large photography and good typography, which serves as a foundation for varied creative projects. They have also included plain HTML version on the Ruby-ready theme.

They have released Gem with fully functional example template so that the developers can understand the application with complete details. The template core of Gem comes in the form of JavaScript and Style sheets that properly showcases design and layout. “When you purchase Gem, you will also receive rail-strap HTML and example folders along with documentation PDF. This will help the developers to understand everything thoroughly so that they can work at ease and save a lot of their time,” says a spokesperson of Winter Solutions.

He also elaborated a few important features of Gem such as a fresh collapsing header effect and subtle animation. It has responsive and clean design and supports large and good typography. They are also featuring new themes and updates for Rails ready bootstrap on Twitter.

‘Being a Ruby on Rails developer, I was looking for something that can help me to save time. Gem seems to be perfect commercial bootstrap theme and it also promised to be minimalistic and business oriented. As I have used other applications of Winter Solutions, I trust their potential and sure about Gem’s effectiveness,” says Bob Winston, Ruby on Rails Developer, Berlin.

Presently, Winter Solutions is offering support for Gem through email. However, they are on tracks to introduce a support forum soon.


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