(Free Press Release) There is one more disadvantage of Winstrol, as at frequent injections menshioned above scar tissue is forming at buttocks that makes athletes to inject Winstrol into shoulders, legs or even calves. And though it is just nessecity Winstrol injections into certain muscles groups become more and more popular, as athletes have noticed that at that growth of the affected muscle occurrs.
An American bodybuilding professional, famous for his iron triceps, is thankful for his appereance to regularly injected Winstrol. It is impossible to confuse the drug with Eziklen, which is applied as often as Winstrol. Atletes who want to avoid daily injections as a rule take 2-3 mg of Winstrol two times a week. In the USA injectable stanozolol Winstrol is produced only for veterinary medicine and is called “Winstrol V”. The possibility that one can find this drug in Germany is equal to zero, so we don't advice you to buy the drug with American sounding drug.
A lot that have already been said about injectable Winstrol in general attributes to oral Winstrol. But yet there are differences besides different production form, that's why, as in the case with Primobolan, there is a sense to consider the drugs apart. For most users of this drug oral Winstrol is noticeably less effective than injections. There is no logical explanation and scientific reasoning to it. As tablets are alkulated by 17-alpha it seems incredible that when the substance passes through the liver for the first time, part of it is inactivated, so this probability doesn't exist any longer.