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Wi-Fi Space has announced that the traffic has reached 1 000 000 users. This has become a notable achievement for the company they don’t plan to stop at.

Wi-Fi Space is a trusted web-based service, which makes it possible to find Wi-Fi access points in any country of the world. The app has gained immense popularity with users worldwide due to its convenience, ease of use, functionality and quality. This is what the developers of the app tell about it: “We have worked a lot to create the app that will be of great help to people, who are looking for free Wi-Fi access when traveling around the world. The site collected and marked on the map coordinates of all points of access Wi-Fi. That you, being in any city, can quickly connect to the Internet. The map shows which point free, what the password, but from what point of no password.”

The app, which is available for download at iTunes and Google Play , now ensures quick and easy navigation through the map. A couple of clicks only are enough to see all the Wi-Fi hotspots in the required location. The service provides smart search of Wi-Fi access points in the nearby cafes, hotels, fast food chains, restaurants, airports and other public places. This is a great app for businessmen and tourists, who have got used to traveling across the globe and need to stay in touch with their friends, relatives and business partners on the go, irrespective of the place they are in. For the convenience of users, the app is updated on a regular basis.

The developer of the app, WOXAPP , is a reputable company that creates mobile apps for businesses and startups by implementing high-end technologies and creative design ideas.

About the Company:

Wi-Fi Space is a useful app, which aims at helping people find free Wi-Fi access points in different countries of the world. The app has already gained popularity with lots of users. The monthly traffic of the websites has exceeded 100000 visitors. The app was developed by WOXAPP, a reputable company that creates mobile apps by means of integrating advanced technologies.

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