Seems like all the MLM Gurus have their own factors why you shouldn't talk to your friends and family about your MLM business.

Or better yet, why you're frightened to death!

Generally there really is one simple reason, and it's "belief".

Continue reading because this can make or destroy you in network marketing. There's no way around this one.

Now I'll be the first to admit, lead generation online is an excellent method to expand your reach, and keep a constant flow of new leads filling your pipeline.

But the simple fact is, online lead generation is difficult, and for most newbies it may take months or even years to master.

Exactly who in their right mind would like to spend that kind of time when you've a fountain of contacts that already know like and have faith in you.

But you'd prefer to speak with a bunch of strangers regarding your product or service because you simply don't believe in it enough to offer it to those you care about most.

Admit it, this makes perfect sense right? If you genuinely thought your product, service or MLM opportunity could actually help, then obviously you'll want those you care most about to be using it themselves.

So exactly what is the solution?

You need to believe in your product or service, absolutely no exceptions. Generally it's rarely what you say about your opportunity, it's the way you express it.

Once you genuinely believe in what you're supplying, you'll have enthusiasm and certainty. You can't fake passion, and those you are talking to, whether it's MLM leads or friends and family, they'll know if you really believe in your MLM business or not.

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