Fitness equipment brand King Athletic states that working out doesn’t necessarily mean using heavy and bulky gym equipment alone. Both athletes and other individuals who want to achieve their dream body can level up their workout routine by using a fitness ball(

Exercising with a fitness ball adds up to the challenge, the brand says. Nevertheless, it is a simple and effective tool that can help the body undergo amazing transformations. Best-selling sports brand King Athletic recommends using a fitness ball during workout sessions to tone abs, hips, glutes, thighs and other essential muscles.

King Athletic offers a top-rated stability balance yoga ball that is made with anti-burst rubber, which makes it an ideal and durable workout tool. It is designed to carry up to 300 lbs load. It also comes in two different sizes:  the 65cm and the 55cm fitness ball. This ensures that whatever a person’s stature and build is, they will be comfortable using it in their exercise routine.

Some of the the other benefits of incorporating a fitness ball in a workout routine are increased flexibility, better performance in other sports activities, tightening and strengthening muscles throughout the body, and its cost effectiveness.

Before doing a more complicated workout, proper stretching and warm-up are both required. Failure to do so may lead to injuries or severe pain after the workout. Stretching on a fitness ball prepares the body for more challenges, as it helps the body to be more flexible.

Exercising while using a fitness ball targets all of your core muscles. Since core muscles are responsible for the different kinds of movement the body executes, the success of sport enthusiasts relies on these muscle group very much. For athletes, it is important to strengthen their core muscles, and the one way to do so is by exercising with a fitness ball.

As compared to doing exercises on a flat, stable surface, doing exercises on a fitness ball encourages the development of more muscles. Though it mainly targets core muscles, a fitness ball workout can actually tone the muscles all throughout the body becuse it allows for a wider range of motion.

Unlike most gym equipment that is too expensive to have at home, a fitness ball is extremely affordable. It also doesn’t necessarily require maintenance. It’s durable and it can last a long period of time.

From low-impact aerobic exercises to more complicated workouts, one can be satisfied in his fitness routine while using a King Athletic fitness ball.

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