There’s no chance you could ever compare a phone answering service with voicemail. Even if you’re considering the purpose to be the same we’re talking about two different things. Find out what big differences a good office response service can make, and think about how it can help your business.


One main difference can be mentioned here: with a phone answering service the person calling will speak to a trained professional who’s a real person—not a robot or a machine. Maybe you’re asking yourself what difference this can make to your business if you already have a person handling your calls or maybe this task is divided between the members of your company. Well, what if your business should grow, causing you to expand you area of coverage? Most of the businesses are designed to expand, right? If that happens how are you going to provide the same quality in office response for incoming calls?


Your first option could be hiring more staff to handle the calls but that requires more money to pay their salaries. You would also need to set more time aside, because you need to set up a job posting, review and call the people that applied and interview the ones you chose. A new employee will require paid vacations and sick days too. Is there a solution to this?


Yes there is, because you can hire a phone answering service provided by a professional company. They already have a well trained staff that can handle your incoming calls so you don’t need to pay extra salaries. You only need to get in touch with them and sign a contract requiring their services. Now the trick here is that you can get amazing prices for this service. Most of the companies in charge with office response—at least the reliable ones—are very much in demand. This is why they will ask for decent prices to handle your calls.


Maybe you’re wondering how this whole process works. It’s extremely simple actually. Office response companies have a well set up software that generates the name of the business the potential client is trying to reach. This is how the staff will figure it out who’s calling who. After the phone call is taken you can get a report on the details. This depends on the type of services you want them to help you with. Maybe you just want them to provide general information about your business or maybe you want them to provide shipping information regarding a product that you’re selling. They can handle everything because a phone answering service will require all the details needed when you’re singing a contract with them. Based on those details they will train the staff working there to provide the right information for the callers.


A simple as that sounds, it works. Professional office response provided by such companies proved to have great effects on client communication and even better: many businesses developed after contracting this type of service.


With all of this being said some things are certain. A good communication with the clients or potential clients extremely important and by having someone to handle that, you get more time to focus on the business.



When clients call your company to do business with you, having a good office response service will always work to your advantage. Hiring a reliable phone answering service will help you cover all your phone answering needs in a professional manner, so what are you waiting for?